Guinot Age Summum Face Cream 45ml

Guinot Age Summum Face Cream 45ml

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Crème Age Summum hydrates, heals and repairs your skins structure. It improves your radiance and protect your skin from damage inside out. It’s science-built formula contains 5 powerful ingredients that makes it so clever.

Guinot’s Immune Complex - As you age, Langerhans cells decrease making your skin's immunity weak. But after 6 days of application, Crème Age Summum increased the protection of Langerhans cells by 74%, suggesting an improvement in cell immunity. ATP – Improves the skins metabolism helping skin UV damage and collagen resulting in naturally restored and luminous skin. Actinergie - increases the oxygen consumption of your skin cells, allowing them to breathe. It stops free radicals; when free radicals are prevented wrinkle formation slows down – this is why wrinkles are smoother by 45.2% in one month of using Crème Age Summum. Stabilised Vitamin C – Brightens the area of pigmentation and restores the collagen supplies. Cellular Life Complex –

This Guinot complex is built from 56 active ingredients designed to keep you skin cells as healthy as possible. When skin cells are healthy, skin is elastic, supple and radiant.


Use daily, morning and night over the entire face.