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Guinot Hydra Demaquillant Yeux 100 ml( Cleansing eye gel)

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Effective eye cleansing gel; removes all traces of eye make-up, including waterproof mascara. Suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers. Non-irritant, specially formulated for use on extra-tired peepers!

Impeccably removes make up from the eyes whilst refreshing and toning the eyelids.

In the evening, sweep this product across the eye area using a cotton pad.

Sometimes even the best cleansers could do with a supercharge boost when taking off eye make up and stubborn mascara. Hydra Dermaquillant Yeux will be your go-to eye cleanser if you wear mascara or have tired and sensitive eyes. Cornflower water refreshes and soothes your heavy eyelids while rose water tones the skin around the eye socket and lids. The eye contour is left soft and protected after make-up removal. Plus, this product soothes redness and irritation with camamile water.