Lierac Foaming Double Cleanser Cream 150ml

Lierac Foaming Double Cleanser Cream 150ml

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Lierac Foaming Double Cleanser Cream-in-foam is inspired by the aesthetic technique of ionic cleansing, ideal for mixed skin, which provides double cleaning:
- on the surface: removes external dirt and impurities and dissolves makeup
- deep: removes excess sweat and sebum and helps eliminate dead cells

Active creamy texture that with water turns into foam for double cleaning results.
Cool female fragrance combining jasmine notes, lotus flower and white gardenia.

Ideal for mixed skins.

How to Use:
Apply in dry skin, massage with fingertips. Apply with water, repeat the massage and rinse with plenty of water. Avoid eye area.


  • ""Micro-magnet cleaning"" - Traps and dissolves the pollutants on the surface and the depth
  • Micro-exfoliating enzyme - Eliminates dead cells
  • Water lily extract - Protective action
  • Hyaluronic acid - Anti-aging action
  • Lactic acid - Cleansing action