Lierac Homme Deo 24H Roll On Anti-Perspirant Non Stop Freshness 50ml

Lierac Men Deo 24H Roll On Anti-Perspirant Non Stop Freshness 50ml

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Lierac Men Deo Anti-perspirant 24H Roll-On is an antiperspirant refreshing deodorant, which does not leave any residue nor traces on clothes.
Thanks to a unique combination of natural active ingredients and antiperspirant, this deodorant, slows down perspiration without blocking it and neutralizes the bacteria responsible for bad odors for a non-stop 24H protection and a feeling of intense freshness.

Care formula without alcohol, without trace and without residue
• The feeling of humidity and the smells are faded.
• The skin stays dry and cool for 24 hours *.
• Anti-trace efficiency and no significant residues.

Works on any type of skin, even the most sensitive.

How to Use:
Use directly on clean and dry skin. Its ball applicator allows express daily use. This fluid, ultra-fresh, helps keep the skin dry and healthy for 24 hours.


  • Skinpower5 complex, (Iron, Magnesium, Copper, Zinc, Manganese),
  • Botanical synergy horsetail & sage,
  • Anti-perspirant agents
  • Mint extract
  • Lemon essence