Nouba Eye/Lip Brush

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Small and small-medium brush for eyes and lips. The unique shape and small format of the synthetic Toray fibers give the brush the perfect consistency to obtain professional and impeccable results.

On eyes: to create shadows or highlights in small areas on the eyelid or periocular zone. The brush can be used either dry or wet with compact or wet&dry eyeshadow.On lips: to shade pencils and apply lipstick, aiding precise and uniform blending, even in tiny spaces like the lip corner.

Composition: A selection of natural bristles.


Rinse regularly with warm water and neutral soap, then let dry in a horizontal position.

How to use:

Use on eyes: blend or shade a small amount of product as preferred. Use the brush tip to outline the periocular zone and lighten the eye corner, or use the flat side to shade eyeshadow on the eyelid.

Use on lips: collect a small amount of product on the brush, then shade the line toward the center of the lips, adding color until the desired intensity is reached. The brush may also be used to soften particularly bright lipstick colors, making them more delicate and elegant.