Nouba Ideale Hydrostress Foundation

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An innovative creamy perfecting formula that enhances the skin appearance, delivering an intense comfort sensation on your face. Its special coated micronized pigments combined with a soft focus complex ensure a sheer-to-medium coverage and an immediate blurred effect.

The unique formula, rich in soft natural waxes and precious soothing oils, keeps your skin supple and protected. With an effortless application that can be done directly with your fingertips, its nourishing texture provides a long-lasting natural finish. IDEALE overcomes all the limits that are expected from a foundation: it guarantees a high comfort level, a flawless radiant finish, and a stunning allure. Especially created in order to guarantee a pleasant feeling of hydration and nourishment of the skin.

Available in 16 infused colors, every single shade unequivocally extends over multiple skin tones. Skin perfection fluid foundation. High comfort levels. Medium coverage. Natural radiant finish. Instant blurred effect.

Ingredients: Coated micronized pigments ensure a perfect blurred effect. A special blend of natural waxes (Jojoba, Sunflower, Acacia Flower) gives the texture a luscious melting sensation, leaving a sumptuous protective veil over the skin. It acts as an emollient and regenerating ingredient for damaged skins. Soft focus complex assures a flawless coverage of skin imperfections. Nourishing precious oils guarantee high comfort levels. Spherical powders give the product a perfect spreadability. A balanced blend of reflecting microparticles reveals the skin's natural allure.

How to use:

Apply with the tip of your fingers, special sponge or face brush, blending the product evenly.