Nouba Lipgloss Reflecta

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"When the light becomes 3D, matter gives life to extraordinary light games". Reflecta Treatment lip gloss, thanks to its formula rich in vinyl polymers and multi-reflecting micro-particles, shapes light transforming it in vibrant and fresh colors. Plumps the lips due to the presence of Maxi Lip™. Available in three modern finishes: Extra brilliant, satin and transparent.

Reflecta Treatment lip gloss soothes, smooths and protects the lips, improving the sensation of comfort. The special slanted flocked applicator tip allows a flawless and easy application. All colors of Reflecta Treatment Lip Gloss are presented in an elegant packaging degrade.


Enriched with Maxi Lip™ peptides, able to stimulate the collagen production and with Hyaluronic Acid for firmer and volumized lips. This formula, delicately vanilla-scented, is comfortable on the lips and has a creamy, full texture without being sticky. Perfect hold of its brilliance. Dermatologically tested. Preservative free.

How to use:

With the special flocked applicator, apply a generous layer of product: the brilliance and color will remain perfect for hours.