Nouba Travel Kit

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A fashionable palette of colors to make a perfect makeup.

Compact eyeshadows: the ultimate eyeshadow palette for mesmerizing, seductive eyes and a sophisticated look. A compact powder with an exceptional creamy touch that releases a vibrant colour. Satin finish and long lasting effect.

Blush: a natural shade to highlight the complexion giving a classic “bonne mine” effect. Designed to provide a healthy and flattering glow.

Bronzing powder: to give the skin the radiance of the first sunlight rays. This bronzing powder makes the complexion glowing and naturally tanned.

Globetrotter lipgloss: formula rich in vinyl polymers and multi-reflecting particles to give the lips brightness and luscious finish.

Globetrotter mascara: for a bold and outrageous volume effect. The lashes will be soft and wrapped in a deep and intense black.

Accessories: mini brush for blush and bronzing powder, two eye shadow applicators.

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