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PHYTO COLOR 6AC Dark Coppery Mahogany Blonde shade is a combination of cutting-edge technology and botanical research for a radiant, ultra shiny color:
Covers 100% of gray hair right from the 1st application Guarantees long-lasting color As it is formulated like a treatment, PHYTO COLOR respects the hair and scalp and minimizes the risk of allergies. This easy-to-apply, smooth cream does not run and allows for precise, even distribution from the roots of the hair to the ends.

The botanical pigments contained in PHYTO COLOR have been used since Ancient times for their coloring properties:

• India wood
• Brazilwood
• Madder
• Small horse
• Coreopsis.

How to Use:
HUILE D’ALÈS is recommended for use before a color or highlighting process to protect the fibre and scalp. If more than 50% of hair is gray, we recommend blending a natural color with a highlighted color for optimum results.