Phyto PhytoMillesime Colour Locker Pre-Shampoo for Colour-Treated Hair – 100ml

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Just after colouring your hair, the colour has never been so shiny and vibrant, and you love it! But from the first shampoo, the colour fades and rinses away with water. This Colour Locker acts before the shampoo to lock pigments at the heart of the hair fibre. Colour Locker Complex is of botanical origin that forms a protective barrier to trap pigments and prevents them from fading away when you rinse. Perfectly protected with every shampoo, colour is preserved and lasts longer.

• Anti-colour stripping action
• Fixes, protects and prolongs colour
• Lightweight feel

• Colour locker complex forms a protective barrier around the hair to trap pigments within the hair fibre and prevent them from washing out.
• The Red Love® apple extraction, a great antioxidant, acts like a shield that protects the hair from external aggressive factors, strengthens the fibre, and maintains colour.
• Apple fruit & blossom extraction and hibiscus extraction gently smoothens the scales of the hair, giving it a glossy radiance.

How to Use:
• Apply to dry hair, from roots to tips, one section at a time. The gel-in-oil texture immediately absorbs into your hair. The gel seals scales, while the oil protects the hair fiber.
• Leave on for 1 to 2 minutes, then wash hair with either the PhytoMillesime shampoo or Cleansing care cream, alternating between the two.