Beach Bag Essentials You Should Bring To Your Summer Vacations

What should you bring in your beauty bag this summer? You mean sunscreen, sunscreen, and sunscreen. You’re right but keep scrolling to check out the essential things you can’t live without this summer.


In summer we can’t live without sunscreens and we’ll never stop in any other seasons so you’re always looking for a sunscreen for your skin. Our pick for this hot summer is the new PAYOT Sunny collection. We’re really addicted to a carefully selected set of UVA & UVB filters to protect and preserve our skin as much as possible, while still ensuring optimal tolerance.

Don’t miss Payot Sunny Crème Savoureuse SPF 50 - Face Sun Care and Payot Sunny Crème Divine SPF 50 – Face and Body which offer your face and body intense sun protection and shield your skin from photo ageing. You will love its invisible, non-greasy texture that makes application easy and pleasant.

Our favourites also include URIAGE BARIÉSUN Fragrance-free Kid Milk SPF50+ Very High Protection and PAYOT Sun Sensi Brume Protectrice - Anti-Aging Protective Mist SPF50 that you can spray over your makeup. Both offer great SPF protection and can easily be reapplied throughout the sunny day!

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Did you know that your skin is always overheated and dried out after a full day in the sun? So don’t forget to give it a dose of moisture. It will help you sunburned relief if necessities. Our customers recently reach for the Uriage Bariesun Refreshing Mist After Sun! It’s made with Uriage Thermal Water, Aquaspongines, Glycyrrhetinate and stabilised Vitamin C and Vitamin E, which are all intensely moisturised, soothing and hydrating for overheated skin. You can spray generously then spread evenly over skin and repeat as often as necessary.

Other after sun soothers we love are Payot Sunny Refreshing Gelée Coco – After-Sun and PAYOT Baume Réparateur After Sun Repair Balm.

TIPS TO USE: Keep them in the fridge before using for extra cooling goodness.


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Don’t be shy if you have a deodorant in your beach bag. Keeping some deodorants in your bag ensures that you won’t smell by the end of the day, and you’ll have a feeling of freshness.

We are loving this Modern Botany Deodorant which is 100% Irish made and a multi-functional natural deodorant, body mist, and scent. The formula combines powerful key ingredients that form a synergy to deliver reduced perspiration and a fresh gender-neutral scent. This unisex natural deodorant can be spritzed under the arms or used as a body mist and scent. Genius!

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As we mentioned before, your skin will probably be dry after a day out under the sun, so a little hand lotion is a must. Use it to soothe and bring comfort to dry and weakened hands.

Some hand lotions the CO team recommends are URIAGE Eau Thermale Hydrating Water Hand Cream and Payot Paris Duo Mains Le Corps: Gentleness of the Hands Kit. Try them all! 

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The girls on Cosmetics Online IE always have a face mist in their bag, and we’re currently obsessed with Novexpert Smoothing Toning Mist with Hyaluronic Acid because of the double anti-pollution effect – heavy metal protection and stimulation of cell oxygenation.


  • Keep 30 cm away from the face, close eyes and spray 2 or 3 times in a circular way to cover all the face. Then you can leave for 10 seconds and gently pat dry.
  • You can use it alone, before your cream/mask, after cleansing or makeup removal, after your makeup to fix it in the morning, evening and all day long, without moderations.


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Written by Cosmetics Online

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