How To Remove Age & Sun Spots From Skin

How To Remove Age & Sun Spots From Skin

If your happy-go-lucky youth spent on warm tropical beaches has come to haunt you with brown spots, you might be wishing you went to Siberia to ice golf on Lake Baikal instead. However, you couldn’t have worn your favourite dress nor had the best cocktails while watching the sunset at the Bahamas. So, no regrets! Read on this article and discover the best remedies to get rid of age spots! 

Professional Treatments

Professional Treatments

There are several professional skin treatments to remove age spots. These medical procedures show quick results, but come with a price. We are not only talking about the financial cost, but also the potential side effects of such invasive treatments. For example, laser therapy literally destroys cells producing melanin, chemical peels dissolve the outer layer of the skin and cryotherapy freezes your age spots with liquid nitrogen. As, you can tell, we are not big fans of medical treatments, but there is one non invasive skin treatment that is worth your attention. Microdermabrasion consists in removing sun spots using air pressure. It has no side effects and it’s comparatively cheap with respect to the other procedures.

Skin-lightening Products

Skin-lightening Products

Prevention is the best way to treat age spots. Always protect the most exposed areas of your skin from the sun with a hat and high protection sunscreen. However, once they have popped out, you can still correct them with some cutting-edge dermocosmetics available online without the need of a doctor’s prescription. What you should really look out for is that the products you buy contain these beneficial anti dark spots active ingredients:

  • Alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs): don’t be scared by this scientific name, they are actually extracted from fruit and vegetables and are extremely effective in exfoliating the skin without being too aggressive on sensitive ones. Among them, we can mention glycolic acid, mandelic acid, and lactic citric acid. You can find them in serums, creams (such as Uriage Depiderm Anti Brown Spot Targeted Care), peels and moisturizing lotions.
  • L-Ascorbic Acid: also known as Vitamin C, it is a common antioxidant of many non-prescription drugs and skin treatments that stimulates the synthesis of collagen. It is found in the form of cream, peeling and serum (i.e. Alpha H Vitamin C With Grape Seed).
  • Retinoids: also known as tretinoin or retinol-A, they are the acidic form of vitamin A. They are very effective in treating acne and dark spots. They can be found in serums (Alpha H Vitamin Serums Vitamin A) and concentrated treatments. 

If you are looking for a home remedy, you can use a combination of these ingredients: aloe vera, lemon juice, cider vinegar, cucumber, soy, horseradish, castor oil, aloe vera and papaya. Mother Nature offers us many ingredients that can prove extremely effective against skin blemishes. The only recommendation is to start treatment after the summer, around the beginning of October, when we do not risk worsening the situation due to sun exposure.

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