Looking After Your Colour

With so many beautiful colours to choose from, colouring your hair has never had so many inspirational choices. From black to pale pink, chestnut to balayage, there’s nothing you can’t do! But colouring your hair not only takes time, it takes a toll on hair; opening the cuticles, pushing the pigments in and sealing it puts a lot of stress on the hair. Through this process it can lose moisture, lipids, become frazzled and dry and with all the time and effort that it takes, it also can cost quite a lot of money.

Maintaining the richness of the colour after an appointment is also difficult. Over time Coloured, highlighted hair is weakened and vulnerable. THE HAIR BECOMES HYPERSENSITIVE and loses hydration, shine and the colour fades.

So how can we protect our investment, ensure those locks stay brilliant? Just like we look after the skin on our face with a ritual from cleansing, scrubbing, masks, serums and creams we should apply this ritual to our hair with the same energy and love.

PHYTOMILLESIME is an Anti-fading colour care range that helps to preserve the radiance and vibrancy of colour as if it was day one of colouring. Inside each product is a complex of botanical ingredients rich in antioxidant power that helps to preserve hair colour, restore strength and replenish moisture.

Extraordinary anti-oxidative power protects the hair while fending off external aggressions. The fibre is strengthened while colour is preserved
Precious apple blossom and fruit deliver their benefits through a distillate that demands unique know-how: Hydrodistillation, obtaining a pure extract, rich in oligo-saccharides and antioxidant polyphenols that care for the hair and enhance the shine.
Known for its emollient and softening virtues the synergy of hibiscus, apple blossom and fruits provides a protective and moisturizing power. They smooth the cuticles of the hair, protect the hair fibre every day and guarantees extreme shine and softness.


locks in the pigments inside the fiber to prevent further colour fading
protects the hair colour from external aggressions and degradation
intensity and shine
Follow this 5 step ritual to lock in colour and enhance shine….





Pigments that wash out with each wash, colour that progressively fades... until now it was impossible to avoid colour stripping. The Phyto laboratories have now created a real breakthrough and invented pioneering care that makes colour fading a distant memory. For the first time ever, a product able to act around the hair fibre like a lock, mechanically trapping pigments within it. Washing has no effect on colour, which retains its full beauty.


Phytomillesime Colour Locker Treatment combines the power of botanical extracts to maintain colour-treated hair. Fortified with a unique Colour Locker Complex, the pre-shampoo serum contains Red Love Apple ®, a powerful antioxidant rich in natural pigments that seal pigmentation into the hair fibre and a Hibiscus Flower and Apple Blossom that create a protective veil around each strand, helping to combat stripping and preventing fade. As a result, tresses appear bold and vivid with brilliant shine.

Apply to dry hair, from roots to tips, one section at a time, leave on for 1 to 2 mins. For best results wash hair with either the PHYTOMILLESIME Shampoo or Cleansing Care Cream


Cleanse your hair with the exclusive care formula, designed to prevent colour fading. Containing an additional ingredient, edelweiss flower extract, with its high antioxidant content, helps hair resist extreme living conditions and maintain its beauty. It makes this washing care infinitely gentle and the formulas are given a soothing and comforting property. Colour Enhancing Shampoo and Cleansing Care Cream are used alternately.


On wet hair, delicately massage in a small amount of product into the scalp, then spread over the lengths. Rinse thoroughly. Repeat the application, leaving it on for 2 minutes to amplify the care action

 Cleansing Cream:

Intense care: Use the cream on dry hair. Apply a few drops, section by section, all over the scalp. Delicately massage then spread the cream over the lengths. If the hair is extremely dry, add a small amount on the ends.  Leave on for two to five minutes. Gradually add water to work into a lather and spread the cream evenly over the hair. Rinse thoroughly.


Express care: Warm a small amount of cream in the hands then spread over the wet lengths and ends of the hair. Massage the scalp, adding a dose of cream if necessary. Add water to spread the product more easily. Work into a lather and leave on for two to three minutes then rinse thoroughly.




With its voluptuous texture, this creamy mask is the ultimate conditioning gesture to repair the hair. The hair fibre is restored, colour lasts longer and left looking voluptuous, gorgeous, and shiny as ever. Argan butter, rich in fatty acids and protective vitamin E, nourishes and repairs the fibre intensely

Fine hair: On washed and towel-dried hair, apply a dab of product on the lengths and ends. Leave on for two to three minutes, comb out and rinse thoroughly.

Thick hair: On washed and towel-dried hair, apply two small dabs of product on the lengths and ends. Leave to penetrate for five to ten minutes, or even more if necessary. Comb out and rinse thoroughly.




Facilitate styling and give the hair fibre a burst of extra strength, while protecting against daily aggressive factors - caused by the environment and successive styling - which alter colour intensity and radiance. Day after day, the hair retains its beauty and flamboyance. Like all Phyto care products, this precious concentrate has been finely tuned to combine effectiveness and sensory quality. The active allow easy styling and prevent static so hair does not frizz and has a radiant shine.

Spray over wet hair after the cleansing care or on dry hair every day to enhance or protect the hair.





PHYTOMILLESIME Mist is a weightless styling mist instantly detangles, boosts radiance, protects and prolongs coloured and highlighted hair. With each spritz of this delightful leave-in conditioner, colour-treated hair is protected from external aggression's and degradation. It detangles as it softens leaving hair feeling silky and looking rich with colour.

Use on clean towel dried hair. Spray Hydrating Mist liberally over your entire head of hair. It can also be used on your hair ends between shampoos. Shake well before each use. Do not rinse off.



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