Filorga Anti Wrinkle (Time Filler Day Night & Eye) Kit

Filorga Anti Wrinkle (Time Filler Day Night & Eye) Kit

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100% Anti Wrinkle Night & Day Set contains 50 ml Time Filler, 15 ml Time Filler Night - gift and 4 ml Time Filler Eyes - gift. The innovative all-round anti-wrinkle care for day & night, which is able to effectively and visibly correct the most diverse types of wrinkles

Set includes:

Filorga Time-Filler Absolute Wrinkle Correction Cream 50ml:

Time-Filler is a powerful wrinkle correction treatment that works on a spectrum of skin problems ensuring any and all wrinkles are corrected. A botox-like tripeptide relaxes the skin, reducing the appearance of contraction based wrinkles. The NCTF complex aids collagen synthesis which, combined with hyaluronic acid, reduces skin sagging and the wrinkles caused by it. Finally, encapsulated hyaluronic acid allows for deeper infusion, supplying moisture deeper into the skin for a visible filler effect that reduces dryness wrinkles.

To use: Apply mornings and/or evenings to the cleansed face, neck and décolleté. Apply alone or over serum.

Filorga Time-Filler Eyes Absolute Eye Correction Cream 4ml:

Utilising Filorga expertise and technology, Time-Filler Eyes provides nourishing treatment for the delicate eye area. With a powerful peptide that smooths out the expression line, skin is smoothed and evened, wrinkles are reduced. Matrikine boosts lash volume and a lifting complex lifts sagging eyelids. Special plumping spheres fill in hollow areas of the eyes, causing dark circles to disappear.

To use: Apply mornings and/or evenings to the eye contour area by dotting gently around the eyes.

 Filorga Time-Filler Night Multi-Correction Wrinkle Cream 15ml:

The Time-Filler Night Multi-Correction Wrinkle Cream provides a deep filling effect that corrects the appearance of wrinkles and enables a smoother complexion. This potent skincare treatment works throughout the night and treats all types of wrinkle. A combination of hyaluronic acid and collagen booster fills in deep set wrinkles whilst gluconolactone enables a peeling effect to remove surface wrinkles.

To use: Apply evenings to the cleansed face and neck.