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Filorga C-Recover Radiance Booster Anti-fatigue Concentrate - 3x10ml

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Filorga C-Recover Radiance Booster Anti-fatigue Concentrate (Serum texture. 3 bottles of 10 ml) has all the power of pure and fresh Vitamin-C for visibly more radiant, smoother, and invigorated skin.

  • Concentrate of effectiveness: Pure and ultra-concentrated vitamin C (8%), in an airtight and light-resistant packaging to make sure its properties are preserved until use.
  • Radiance booster: Recognized for its antioxidant action, vitamin C boosts collagen production and skin radiance.
  • Pro-youth action: Enriched with ultra-moisturizing polysaccharides.

Thanks to this concentrate, tiredness is reduced and complexion becomes more radiant. After 3 weeks of use in the morning: 80% of skin are more luminous*, 81% of skin are less tired, 81% of skin are revitalized*.

* Self-evalutation on 59 subjects between 35 and 65 years old with everyday application during 3 weeks.

How to Use:
STAGE 1 - Activate by pressing hard on the white piston to release a dose of pure vitamin C powder.
STAGE 2 - Shake vigorously then pull the piston again.
STAGE 3 - Screw in the dropper. Press the rubber bulb to fill the dropper, and then unscrew it.
STAGE 4 - Apply the product evenly across the skin every morning, before applying your usual day cream.
During periods of exposure to strong sunlight, we recommend applying this product in the evening, before your night cream.The dose must be applied within seven days of opening. Store in a cool place after opening.


  • Vitamin C
  • Almond oil