FILORGA NCEF Reverse Cream Gift Set

FILORGA NCEF Reverse Cream Gift Set

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FILORGA NCEF-Reverse Cream 50ml - Intensive skin quality renewal [regeneration activated] - A formula with NCEF, a unique polyrevitalizing complex developed by Laboratoires FILORGA, whose 50 ingredients are integrated for the first time in concentrations comparable to those used in a mesotherapy injection. Enhanced correction [wrinkles - firmness - luminosity] - The actives known to combat aging [hyaluronic acid + collagen + vitamins A, H and E], associated with efficacy enhancers, act simultaneously on the smoothing of wrinkles, skin flaccidity and the homogeneity of the complexion.

Result: smoothed, firmed, luminous and filled skin. Ultra-comfortable texture enriched with shea butter.

FILORGA Time-Filler Eyes 4ml - An active ingredient similar to botox combined with a powerful peptide that smooths out wrinkles from the inside to the outside.

Eyelids and eyelashes: A lifting complex that combats sagging upper eyelids. In parallel, the matriquina that increases the volume of the eyelashes.

Sunken dark circles and dark spots: State-of-the-art sweeping spheres that fill the empty areas. A plant complex combined with an ingredient with a similar effect to peeling causes dark circles to fade until they disappear. As the days go by, wrinkles are smoothed out, eyelids become firmer and dark circles disappear. The eyes become wider.

FILORGA Scrub & Detox 15ml - Step 1 - Double exfoliation* [mechanical + enzymatic] Massage into clean, damp skin using circular movements. A double peeling complex combining volcanic micro-spheres and resurfacing papain gently exfoliates the skin, eliminating impurities and revealing a smoother skin texture.

 Step 2 - Skin detoxification [immediate + long-lasting] - Leave on for 2/3 minutes. Detoxifying polyphenols and active charcoal help to relieve the skin from stress, leaving the complexion radiant. Rinse thoroughly with warm water. A soothing complex [niacinamide + vitamin E] envelops the skin in an invisible protective film to fight against daily aggression. Velvety black foam texture with a moisturizing and comfortable finish. *upper layers of the epidermis.