FILORGA Time Filler Your Gift Set

FILORGA Time Filler Your Gift Set

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Filorga TIME-FILLER Anti-Wrinkle Routine Box is a box including 1 scented candle and 3 essentials from the TIME-FILLER range to treat yourself to an anti-wrinkle routine.

Filorga TIME-FILLER Intensive Multi-Correction Wrinkle Serum 7 ml Free is an anti-aging facial serum specially designed to act on all types of wrinkles. Its formula inspired by aesthetic medicine techniques is reinforced by tensor polysaccharides for express smoothing of the skin:

Expression lines: A hexapeptide to relax facial features.

Deep wrinkles: Powerful peptides to plump marked facial wrinkles, combined with encapsulated hyaluronic acid to deeply hydrate the skin.

Surface wrinkles: A peeling effect active ingredient to smooth skin micro-breaks and improve the appearance of the skin.

Dryness wrinkles: A water-trapping plant extract to reduce dehydration wrinkles.

Neck wrinkles: A restructuring active ingredient to smooth the wrinkles that mark the neck.

Its ultra-light smoothing texture is quickly absorbed.

Filorga TIME-FILLER 5XP Eyes 4 ml Free is a correction eye cream for all types of wrinkles, designed to act on wrinkles around the eyes. Its formula combines Peptides and Plant Stem Cells to correct all types of wrinkles in the eye area: crow's feet wrinkles, wrinkles under the eye, frown lines and eyelid folds. Dark circles are reduced and eyelashes appear strengthened. The eye area appears visibly younger.

Filorga TIME-FILLER 5XP Correction Cream for All Types of Wrinkles 50 ml is a facial treatment intended for normal to dry skin, for intensive correction of all types of wrinkles. Its formula combines powerful active ingredients: Tripeptide, Hyaluronic Acid, Marine Christ, Plant Extract, and Restructuring Active, to relax expression lines, plump deep wrinkles, smooth surface and dehydration wrinkles, and smooth neck wrinkles. . Ideal for normal to dry skin, its smoothing cream texture offers absolute comfort.


Serum: Apply as a daily treatment, before the cream, in the morning and evening on the entire face and neck.

Eye Care: Apply morning and evening to the eye contour.

Face Cream: Apply as a daily treatment in the morning and evening to the entire face and neck.

Candle: Burn time: up to 18 hours. Cut the wick to approximately 1 cm before lighting the candle.

Keep out of reach of children. Never leave the candle burning unsupervised. Keep the candle away from flammable objects and heat sources. Burn the candle out of reach of children and pets. Do not expose the candle to drafts.