Filorga Timer Filler Shot 5Xp 15ml

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TIME-FILLER SHOT 5XP is a concentrated serum that relaxes facial features by targeting and correcting the first visible expression lines.

Its highly concentrated formula [60% actives], inspired by botox injections, contains a neuropeptide complex that precisely recreates the dermo-relaxing effect of botulinum toxin to keep the skin smooth.
This complex is combined with protective polysaccharides of natural origin, which form a film on the surface of the skin for immediate and long-lasting hydration, while improving the penetration of active ingredients. Finally, a firming ferment obtained by biotechnology improves muscle tone and provides additional support to the skin, for more firmness.

TIME-FILLER SHOT 5XP mimics the gestures of aesthetic medicine, delivering a precise and targeted dose of product thanks to its syringe-tipped applicator.