ISDIN Nutratopic Pro-Amp Emollient Cream 200ml

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For skin that frequently suffers from irritation, dryness or itching, it is essential to use a cream that hydrates and strengthens both its protective barrier and its stability on a daily basis.

Nutratopic Pro-AMP emollient cream contains laureth-9 and niacinamide, two components that provide deep hydration and instant relief from itching. Use Nutratopic daily and restore the balance of your skin with its soothing formula.

Its emollient power helps to repair irritated skin and achieve soft, velvety skin, effectively preventing dryness.

Moisturizes deeply, helping to relieve itching and irritation due to its content in laureth-9 and niacinamide.

Restores skin balance due to its emollient capacity.


Apply at least twice a day to the cleansed, dry skin of the affected areas as an adjuvant in order to control signs and as maintenance in remission periods.

For the best results, use Nutratopic Emollient Bath Gel as part of your daily hygiene.


Rhamnosoft Laureth-9 Glycerin Niacinamide L-Isoleucina Ceramide 3 Omega 6

Shea butther