Lusso Tan Flawless Tanning Mitt

Lusso Tan Flawless Tanning Mitt

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Professional looking results at home are simple to achieve with our velvet soft double sided tanning mitt.


  • Get the best blend for smooth streakfree results.
  • Perfect for use with any of our tanning products in our Lusso Tan Ritual.
  • Protect yourself from tanned palms as you apply your tan.
  • Make your tanning lotion spread more effectively, which makes it last longer.
  • Easy to look after, just wash with gentle soap, some warm water and let it air dry.
  • Double sided softness.

How to use:

Apply a drop of tan lotion to your mitt, then massage upward from your ankle in long smooth strokes (leave your hands and feet to the end). Wash your hands afterwards, just to be sure.

Layering Your Products: Use with any Lusso Tan, whether it’s our tanning lotion, gradual tan or any of our instant tans.