My Payot Eclat Du Regard Illuminating Concealer2.5 ml

My Payot Eclat Du Regard Illuminating Concealer 2.5ml

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Illuminating concealer brush with light-reflecting pigments

With one click, My Payot Eclat du Regard brightens complexion to reveal the natural glow of the face. A 3 in 1 action for immediate results:

Anti-fatigue: dark circles disappear, the eyes sparkle with freshness.
Corrective: small imperfections are camoufled, skin is smoothed.
Brightening: gray areas are illuminated, brightness of the face is revived.
It's the perfect magic pen to wake up tired skin.


  • The look is revived.
  • Imperfections are covered.
  • Skin is bright.


  • Vitamin E
  • Glycol
  • Soft-focus powder
  • Soft-focus pigmented powder

How to Use:
My Payot Eclat du Regard can be applied to the eye contour to hide dark circles and wake up the face or targeted small areas to cover redness and imperfections.
At first use, it takes between 40 and 60 clicks to launch the pump.
Powder My Payot Eclat du Regard for a matte finish.