Nesti Dante Dei Colli Fiorentini Iris Face & Body Lotion 150ml

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Rich care for face and body. Enriched with valuable shea butter, the cream of Nesti Dante intensively nourishes your skin and protects it from external influences.

Feelings of tension are relieved by the soft-melting formula and the skin builds up over time and thus becomes more resistant.

 Ceramide are natural components of the skin that help to keep the skin hydrated and elastic. The surface lipid barrier is strengthened by reducing the surface roughness for a sensitive anti-aging effect.

Shea butter A valuable ingredient, rich in nutrients, such as lipids with moisturizing properties, improves skin elasticity and nourishes it with essential vitamins such as, vitamins A, E and D.

Wheat germ is a concentrate of herbal derivatives such as vitamin E, amino acids, mineral salts and proteins with a protective effect.