Nesti Dante Dolce Vivere Travel Kit Gift Set

Nesti Dante Dolce Vivere Travel Kit Gift Set

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The Dolce Vivere line pays homage to Italian beauty and lifestyle. Each soap is intended to convey the feeling of being in one of its most beautiful places, evoking nostalgic and romantic situations and experiences that stimulate the senses.
Nesti Dante is one of the few commercial manufacturers to use the artisan method of saponification controlled by its more experienced soap maker in all phases of saponification. The difference can be experienced in the quality of the soap, which is richer and softer.

The set consists of:

- Nesti Dante soap Milano 150g
- Nesti Dante liquid soap Portofino 100ml
- Nesti Dante Skin Cream Roma 100ml

Milano Natural Soap by Nesti Dante - An inviting fragrance that combines the intense notes of the flowering willow plant with the fresh spontaneity of lily of the valley on a base of oak moss. A vigorously lively woody fragrance.

Portofino Liquid Soap - The classic harmony of rosewater and sea lily meets the extravagant note of flax to exude an unexpected sensation of pure bliss. The moisturizing liquid soap is enriched with rose extracts as an active ingredient.
This soap is gentle on sensitive, young and mature skin.

  • without mineral oils
  • without sulfates
  • without parabens
  • vegan
  • only natural raw materials
  • no animal testing