Nesti Dante Lavanda Soap Gift Set 3x150g

Nesti Dante Lavanda Soap Gift Set 3x150g

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Expressing the calming and invigorating powers of lavender, this 3-part collection features three different stylings of lavender scents. Lavanda Blu spins lavender across a Mediterranean zest, Rosa del Chianti combines lavender with sparkling rose and Lavanda Officinale features a purifying lavender scent.

These soaps are vegan-friendly.

Set includes:

- Lavanda Blu Del Meditarraneo Soap 150g

- Lavanda Rosa del Chianti Soap 150g

- Lavanda Officinale Soap 150g

Nesti Dante uses naturally active premium ingredients and only pure whole plant oils that are from sustainable cultivation. No mineral oils, no parabens or aggressive ingredients. Vegan-friendly, no animal ingredients or testing ever. Skin and environment-friendly for a guilt-free legacy.