Nesti Dante Philosophia Prebioptic Soap 250g

Nesti Dante Philosophia Prebioptic Soap 250g

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Nesti Dante Philosophia Probiotic Soap 250gr. is a prebiotic omega 3 soap, which is made according to the old traditional Italian way. This soap consists of 100% natural ingredients from direct nature in Tuscany. Nesti Dante's soaps retain their great quality in terms of hardness and fragrance to the very last bit. Due to the natural ingredients, the soap makes the skin wonderfully soft. In addition, the skin is nourished and cared for.

This vegan soap with prebiotics and omega 3 is free of petrochemicals, OGM, synthetic surfactants, microplastic and PEG.

The floral and delicate touch of gardenia mingles with the soft and delicate notes of white clay and oat milk. The beneficial effect of prebiotics restores the balance of the microflora and helps the skin to regain its ideal condition.

Pros and cons

Formulated with quality, purity and integrity

Naturally active premium ingredients

Only pure whole plant oils from sustainable cultivation

No mineral oils, no parabens or harsh ingredients

Vegan: No animal ingredients or testing

Fragrance combination: gardenia, white clay and oat milk.