Nesti Dante Platinum Soap & Shower Gel Gift Set

Nesti Dante Platinum Soap & Shower Gel Gift Set

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Nesti Dante Platinum

Thanks to its properties, it normalizes the effect of perspiration, guaranteeing a natural feeling of cleanliness. Platinum is a precious antioxidant that stimulates the tissues giving the skin a healthy, smooth and compact appearance. Saponeria NESTI DANTE has further embellished this new measure of beauty with the unique and intense note of the absolute Camelia Bella of Florence and the precious White Jasmine Grand Duke of Tuscany: a symphonic ode to the joy of living.

The contents of the set: luxury soap 250gm , shower gel 300 ml a great gift idea gently cleanses the skin ,protects the skin nourishes and moisturizes pleasant smells leaves the skin velvety delicate and soft .

These soaps are vegan-friendly.

Nesti Dante uses naturally active premium ingredients and only pure whole plant oils that are from sustainable cultivation. No mineral oils, no parabens or aggressive ingredients. Vegan-friendly, no animal ingredients or testing ever. Skin and environment-friendly for a guilt-free legacy.