Noreva Aquareva BB Cream Light ( Claire ) Spf15 40 ml

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Noreva Aquareva BB Cream Light hydrates the skin, protecting and subliming the skin in a single gesture. Due to its combination of active ingredients, this cream works deep within the skin maintaining the optimal skin hydration throughout the day as well as providing an evenness to the complexion. Moisturized, the skin is more toned, firmer and softer. Additionally, the subtly tinted and velvety cream melts on the skin for an instantly unified, brighter and fresher complexion. Lastly, with its SPF15, this product also provides sun protection.


Apply Noreva Aquareva BB Cream Light evenly to face and neck after cleansing the skin.


Hyaluronic acid and mango extract moisturizes the skin hence improving its smoothness

Colored pigments that provide an anti-dull complexion, therefore resulting in a unified and brighter skin.