Payot Gentle Foaming MakeUp Removal Cream 125ml

Payot Gentle Foaming MakeUp Removal Cream 125ml

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Delicately refresh your complexion with PAYOT's Gentle Foaming Make-Up Removal Cream; a luxurious formula that works to eliminate impurities, without altering the skin's natural moisture balance.

Ideal for normal skin that is prone to dryness, the soothing cleanser utilises Boswellia and Papaya Fruit Extracts to promote cell renewal and provide anti-inflammatory benefits, whilst Rhodochrosite and Smithsonite Extracts effortlessly dissolve make-up, dirt and pollutants to reveal a clear, revitalised complexion and restored radiance.



  • Papaya extract: For radiance and promoting cell renewal.

  • Boswellia extract: Stops inflammation.

  • Bioecolia: Regulates and restores balance to cutaneous flora.

  • Rhodochrosite extract: Relaxing, soothing and stress combatting properties.

  • Smithsonite extract: Tones and revitalises the skin.


Work into a lather on wet face. Rinse with clean water.