Sesderma Factor G Ampoules Biostimulating 7 X 1,5 ml

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Beauty concentrates in just one click.

Intensive, single-use format for your weekly routine.

7 days, 7 bio-stimulating ampoules containing all of Sesderma’s biotechnological power.

7 benefits for a rejuvenated skin. Notice their instant firming effect!



  • Day 1: Reaffirms
  • Day 2: Regenerates
  • Day 3: Nourishes
  • Day 4: Unifies
  • Day 5: Redensifies
  • Day 6: Protects
  • Day 7: Rejuvenates

How to use:

  1. Cleanse and tone your skin with Sensyses if you like cleansing solutions and cotton pads, or with Hidraven foamy cream if you prefer water-based cleansing and your regular toner.
  2. Next, apply the Factor G bio-stimulating ampoule every day, before your regular cosmetics, in the order recommended in the box, for 7 consecutive days. Each ampoule specifies the day when it should be applied.
  3. You can use it either in the morning or at night. So, if you have enough product for more than 1 application, apply the rest at night, on clean skin.


The 7 ampoules contain 9 plant-based, biotechnological growth factors: TGF-b2, TGF-b3, EGF, GM-CSF, HGH, TIMP-2, TRX, IGF-1, VEGF.