Uriage Baby's 1st Extra Gentle Soap Free Shampoo

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Uriage Baby's 1st Extra Gentle Soap Free Shampoo leaves your baby's hair soft, shiny and pleasantly scented. If you’re afraid of products stinging your baby’s eyes, this product is completely soap free and will not affect your baby’s eyes. It's mild cleansing agents gently eliminate impurities from the hair and scalp. Additionally, this shampoo ensures that your baby’s hair is detangled and facilitates easy brushing after a lovely bath. The high tolerance formula and physiological pH respect the fragile balance of the scalp of your baby and ensures your baby’s hair gets maximum nourishment and treatment.

How to Use:

Apply to baby’s wet hair, massage gently and rinse well.


  • Uriage Thermal Water Ultra 
  • Delicate scent