Martiderm Night Renew Serum 30ml

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Martiderm Platinum Night Renew Serum Night Anti-Aging Booster is a peeling serum that helps to improve firmness and elasticity at the same time it evens the skin texture. Ideal for people who want to boost other skin treatments, this serum gently removes the dead cells superficial layer, letting other treatments penetrate better. The firmness is boosted and the wrinkles are smoothed, leaving the skin more elastic and firm. Ideal for men who shave and suffer from folliculitis to prevent further problems.


The soft-peeling action allows the Night Renew Serum formula to reduce skin blemishes and even tone. It is formulated for use at night before any antiaging cream or treatment to boost the efficacy and effect of all the active ingredients.

  1. Apply to face, neck and neckline.
  2. Massage in gently until fully absorbed.
  3. Use daily at night.