Nesti Dante Essence De Parfum With Love And Care N.7 Aqua Dea Marine 100ml

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N°7 Aqua Dea Marine Essence de parfum 100ml 

The soft and rounded note of sea salt pay tribute to water, symbol of life, purity and rebirth.

Nesti Dante’s Perfumery studio craftsman are proud to present PROFUMO - ESSENCE DE PARFUM WITH LOVE AND CARE, five fragrances that combine rare and noble raw materials together with refined and precious oils.

The slow process of maceration respect the delicate equilibrium and magnifies the fragrances that fit the body and personalities of each person, because PROFUMO - ESSENCE DE PARFUME WITH LOVE AND CARE is not appealing only for the fragrance itself but also for the enhancing image of the person that it suggests.