Payot Source Cream & Mask Duo Set

Payot Source Cream & Mask Duo Set

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Set contents:

Payot Source Adaptogen Moisturizing Cream - Moisturizing cream with adaptogens, 50 ml

Payot Source Adaptogen Moisturizing Cream - moisturizing cream with adaptogens. Adaptogens have the ability to increase resistance to the adverse effects of environmental factors. Well-moisturized skin, rich in adaptogens, is reliably protected from pollution, the negative effects of the sun, frost and wind.

The formula contains 95% ingredients of natural origin. Among them are adaptogens: extracts of reishi mushrooms and Breton algae. In addition, the composition includes high-molecular hyaluronic acid, which deeply and long-lasting (48 hours) moisturizes, and shea butter, which softens, soothes and strengthens the hydrolipid mantle. It contains no irritating ingredients, toxins or parabens. The product has not been tested on animals and does not contain animal products. Safety and effectiveness confirmed by dermatological testing. Source Adaptogen Moisturizing Cream is suitable for normal, dry and very dry skin.

Payot Source Rehydrating Balm Mask – Balm mask, 50 ml

Payot Source Rehydrating Balm Mask is a super moisturizing and comfortable treatment. An ultra-refreshing balm-mask moisturizes thirsty skin in just a few minutes, intensively nourishes the most dehydrated skin, and gives comfort and softness. The skin is instantly and deeply moisturized, becomes firm, elastic and radiant with beauty. Active ingredients: fig extract, watermelon extract, vitamins C and E