Payot Supreme Jeunesse Cou Decollette RollOn 50ml

Payot Supreme Jeunesse Cou Decollette RollOn 50ml

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Suprême Jeunesse Cou & Décolleté is a care. youth sublimator that fights skin aging. Concentrates. tensor, mechanical and anti-stain specific actions. The neck and neckline are fragile areas often neglected and prone to sagging. Suprême Jeunesse Cou & Décolleté's roll-on applicator offers remodeling effectiveness and high penetration of assets. You'll love its sublime rosy texture with nacaradol reflections as well. like its slight scent with divine notes of lily-of-the-valley, magnolia and. musk.


Apply in the morning and at night to the neck and décolleté, on perfectly cleansed and toned skin.

Position the applicator in the ON position, press the tube to extract the desired treatment dose, and then position the applicator in OFF.

Massage the product on the skin using upward movements.