Phyto PhytoProfessional Fibre Paste for Strong Hold - 75ml

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The Phyto Professional Fibre Paste with acacia collagen provides the structure and control of a strong gel with the pliability of a pomade. It offers superior hold and enables you to experiment with varied hairstyles as you please.

Phyto's styling products use the natural holding and volumizing properties of myrrh, a botanical resin, to impart varying degrees of hold and shine. Unlike other styling lines, which are often harsh and chemically based, Phyto's high-performance collection will never leave hair dry or damaged. Phyto's Fiber Paste, with Acacia Collagen, is a mouldable paste to shape hair into changeable styles.

Acacia Collagen, a moisturising active ingredient, hydrates hair while protecting from environmental stresses.

The Phyto Solution: Offer varied degrees of structure and hold with our styling products and impart long-lasting texture and shine with our finishing products.

• Superior stronghold
• Hydrates hair while protecting from environmental stresses
• With acacia collagen that nourishes and protects

How to Use:
• Work through damp or dry hair.
• Twist, shape and texturize hair into changeable styles.

Active Ingredients: Acacia Collagen