Martiderm Black Diamond Skin Complex Advanced Ampoules - 30 Ampoules

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Skin Complex Advanced is the updated version of Skin Complex+. It is the most comprehensive ampoule formula for treating chronoaging and/or lacklustre skin. Its formulation combines, among other ingredients, 5% Proteum 89+ and 25% Vitamin Complex. Specially indicated for dehydrated, dull skin with signs of sagging and expression lines. Provides hydration, nourishment and brightness for a rejuvenated appearance.

Application mode

The synergistic effect between Proteum 89+ and the Vitamin Complex doubles vitamin C absorption compared to conventional proteoglycan formulations. Long-lasting effect: smart release of active ingredients to induce vitamin C and endogenous proteoglycan synthesis. Brightens the skin from the first moment and throughout the day. Delays vitamin C oxidation and the enriched texture leaves skin silky smooth.

  1. Shake the ampoule gently. 
  2. Use the Easy Open to open the ampoule, following the instructions on the box.
  3. Apply half an ampoule to the face, neck and neckline. 
  4. Massage in until fully absorbed.
  5. Put the ampoule on the base and put the cap on it until the next use. Use within 24 hours.

Active Ingredients

- Proteum 89+
- Vitamin C-Tech
- Vitamin complex
- Liposomal vitamin A
- Vitamin E (Tocopherol)
- Vitamin F